Free Immigration

America is based on immigration, almost everyone who is here immigrated here at some point.  At every point in America’s history though some people have opposed immigration (and generally not been that successful).  Almost every nation & race has had people try to prevent their entry: the Irish, Catholics, Italians, Greeks, Africans, Chinese and so on.… read more “Free Immigration”

Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country

Question: Why is America so far in debt? Why is our deficit growing bigger and bigger? Why is our national debt over $14.5 trillion? Why are individual states and the federal government itself on the verge of bankruptcy?

Answer: Selfish, greedy old people.

Offensive answer? Yes. But give me a chance to explain myself with data.… read more “Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country”

Iranian Response To Bin Laden’s Death

I asked my good friend the Black Rooster in Iran what public response had been to Bin Laden’s death there.  His answer is surprising:

The general public dont really talk about it that much to be honest. They are pretty much like whatever. But the state media obviously tries to say shit like bin laden has been dead for years and they feed on all the conspiracy theories that are out more “Iranian Response To Bin Laden’s Death”

Anaheim, CA Search Engine Optimization Company

What has your Anaheim, CA Search Engine Optimization Company Done for You Lately?

When you conduct an internet search using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, their complicated algorithms return results tested and ranked in the order of what it thinks is the most relevant to what you are searching for. Research shows that more than 40 percent of searchers click on the top search results link, more than 60 percent click on one in the first three, and more than 90 percent click on a link on the first page of search results.… read more “Anaheim, CA Search Engine Optimization Company”

Fixed Cost Google Adwords Management- SCAM!

Anyone who tries to sell you Google Adwords management at a fixed cost is probably trying to scam you.  Google Adwords management costs are actually made up of two components:

  1. Direct Google Fees- money you pay to Google for CPC or CRM ads
  2. Adwords Manager Fees- if you choose to use a manager, this is the money that you pay him/her

Adwords managers who try to lump Google’s fees and their management fees together are probably trying to scam you.  … read more “Fixed Cost Google Adwords Management- SCAM!”

Beverly Hills – Google AdWords Management

Call me now to discuss your web design & SEO strategy at 310-736-2848

If you own a business in Beverly Hills, you know that beneath the palm trees and expensive homes lies a fiercely competitive atmosphere for customers. Your competitors will try everything at their disposal to lure your customers away, especially if your business is successful.  … read more “Beverly Hills – Google AdWords Management”

Orange County Web Design Company- Questions to Ask

So you’re in Orange County, California, and you need a website. Maybe you need to market your business. Maybe you need to provide information on your organization. Maybe you want to sell your products online through eCommerce. Whatever the reason, having a website is one of the most important means of getting the message out about your business.… read more “Orange County Web Design Company- Questions to Ask”