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If you own a business in Beverly Hills, you know that beneath the palm trees and expensive homes lies a fiercely competitive atmosphere for customers. Your competitors will try everything at their disposal to lure your customers away, especially if your business is successful.  You also know that, with new technologies and new methods of communication, your customers aren’t necessarily just in Beverly Hills anymore, and you need to integrate a broader vision into your marketing strategy. If you want to extend your reach and expand your customer base, you need to hire a company that specializes in Beverly Hills Google AdWords management, like Coalition Technologies.

As you probably know, Google has a pay per click campaign called AdWords that essentially allows you to pay in order to increase your advertisements ranking for certain keyword searches. Google AdWords is a live auction where you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. The fee you pay is based on a number of factors but it can never be above the maximum bid that you specify. In fact, most can be bought for pennies per click which makes AdWords a powerful and cost-effective part of any marketing strategy. Even small businesses should look into buying Google AdWords to increase their chances of being noticed by Google search customers. But what keywords do you choose? What Ads are the most effective to attract potential customers? There are probably countless variations and combinations of searches that could connect your customers to you, but which ones are the most effective? More importantly, which keywords are most effective now, and which ones will become effective later?

Call me now to discuss your web design & SEO strategy at 310-736-2848

The answers to these questions are difficult to find if you are not familiar with how Google’s search algorithm works, and if you lack the analysis tools, insight, and experience to employ the right keywords at the right time and create effective advertisements. If you don’t have the answers (or if you would rather concentrate on actually running your business) you should call Coalition Technologies in Beverly Hills. We are a certified partner of Google AdWords and have specialists ready to help. We work with companies across the Los Angeles basin and up the Pacific Coast helping to target their customers, localize their marketing campaigns, and grow their businesses.

At Coalition Technologies, we have the tools and know-how not only to improve your search result ranking now, but also to keep it consistently high in the ever-changing search game. Our knowledge and special analytical tools (that go above and beyond Google’s free public tools) give us insights into what your customers are searching for, and the best practices for driving traffic to your site and converting visitors into customers. If you want your business to grow in the internet era, you should look into hiring a Beverly Hills Google AdWords management expert such as Coalition Technologies.

Call me now to discuss your web design & SEO strategy at 310-736-2848

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