Orange County Web Design Company- Questions to Ask

So you’re in Orange County, California, and you need a website. Maybe you need to market your business. Maybe you need to provide information on your organization. Maybe you want to sell your products online through eCommerce. Whatever the reason, having a website is one of the most important means of getting the message out about your business.… read more “Orange County Web Design Company- Questions to Ask”

Obama’s Birth Certificate Controversy is Useless

President Barack Obama released his full birth certificate today showing that he was born in Hawaii.

This whole controversy has annoyed me.  The whole movement claiming Obama was not born in the United States is just outright racist.  I personally don’t care whether he was born in the US or not- he’s lived here his whole life and done an awful lot of good.  … read more “Obama’s Birth Certificate Controversy is Useless”

Web Designer in Seattle WA

I operate a web design firm that has offices in Seattle WA as well as Los Angeles CA. If you are interested in finding a good web designer, please call me at 206-673-3732. For more information on my company as well as my discussion of some of the work I have done for web design clients in the Seattle WA area, please watch my video below:

Reputation Management for Executives Names & Businesses

People looking for reputation management services should contact us at Coalition Technologies by phone 888-853-7280.  We offer high end reputation management services in the Los Angeles region.  Watch the video below for more information on reputation management, how it works, who uses it and some examples:

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How to Create PHP Contact Form with Email

Watch my simple tutorial video below on how to create a php contact form that will send an email from your website each time someone submit a contact form:

You can also see the code that I wrote below and use it for your own php contact form with email project:
function createContact()
print ‘<form action=”index.php”
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American Government Squashing Entrepreneurs

The American government (and governments everywhere) have long been known for it’s large size, opposition to change of any kind and corruptly giving benefits to its supporters.

This trend is going stronger than ever in America. Over a trillion dollars in subsidies are handed out each year to incredibly poorly run organizations like Boeing and old school farming companies and banks.… read more “American Government Squashing Entrepreneurs”