American Government Squashing Entrepreneurs

The American government (and governments everywhere) have long been known for it’s large size, opposition to change of any kind and corruptly giving benefits to its supporters.

This trend is going stronger than ever in America. Over a trillion dollars in subsidies are handed out each year to incredibly poorly run organizations like Boeing and old school farming companies and banks.

Not only does the government use trillions of tax dollars paid by hard working entrepreneurs to pay for these benefits, but the American government creates special rules to protect its benefactors (especially the American Medical Association, big banks, poorly run farms, etc).

Ever wonder why the cost of healthcare is so ridiculously expensive in this country? The American Medical Association (the AMA is the most powerful union in history) has pushed through laws to protect its members from competition, making it extraordinarily difficult to provide low cost healthcare. Basically, all entrepreneurs who don’t join the union are shut off the health care industry. This is why you pay so much money in insurance & for simple doctors visits. Do you think if a fresh entrepreneur opened a hospital you would pay $8,000 per day for a room? I very much doubt it.

The other major problem is that the government in California is specially set up to protect big old businesses while keeping out fresh competition. It costs almost $1,000 to just pay government fees to open an LLC and that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the other city & county scammy fees. It’s very hard to pay that much money before your business has made a single red cent.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.