Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country

Question: Why is America so far in debt? Why is our deficit growing bigger and bigger? Why is our national debt over $14.5 trillion? Why are individual states and the federal government itself on the verge of bankruptcy?

Answer: Selfish, greedy old people.

Offensive answer? Yes. But give me a chance to explain myself with data.

The chart below is the national debt from 1940 to a couple of years ago (it actually goes FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS higher now!):

Debt Timeline

Since around 1980, our national debt has absolutely exploded. Why? Did we have a World War to pay for? No. We had one of the greatest economic booms in history, but it still wasn’t enough to satisfy the generation that ran the country between 1980-2010. These are people who were between 30-60 during those times. Those people are now 60-90: our current generation of elderly.

Never before has an entire generation of one nation sacrificed the future of their children, grandchildren and the country that their parents and grandparents had shed much sweat and blood for. Americans fought and died in World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War all in the hopes to leave a better world for their children to grow up in. People between the ages of 60-90 today instead of building a stronger nation for their children have severely weakened America and left our country in a far worse place than we have been. The WW2 generation built America into the strongest country on earth and the most recent generation has done their best to undermine and sabotage it.

Are all people of the most recent elderly generation to blame? Of course not. Many of them fought against expanding entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security. Many of them continue to fight tooth and nail even today. Unfortunately, there was a majority of elderly who did not care for the future of their children and grandchildren and mortgaged the future to pay for their luxurious present.

So what has the last generation spent the inheritance of their forefathers on and denied an inheritance to their children?

Government spending

As you can see, they are spending roughly half of their children’s money on health care and retirement benefits for themselves. Medicare, medicaid, social security take up the vast majority of this spending. All of these things are things that previous generations either didn’t use or used at a far smaller scale because they didn’t want to overly burden the next generation.

America is in deep trouble now. Many of our freedoms have been taken away since 9/11, schools are extremely poorly run because teachers unions are running wild, the government is growing rapidly, the economy is shrinking, bankers have stolen from taxpayers, politicians have stolen from taxpayers, and the elderly are encouraging everything as long as they get the Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security they want.
Studies Show Old People Don’t Care About Youth Anymore
Since the early 1970’s, researchers have studied what the youth of the nation and the elderly’s three most important policy issues are. Throughout the studies, youth have picked two cases related to themselves (like school policy, alcohol licensing, etc.) and always pick the elderly as their third. On the other hand, when you as today’s elderly they only respond with issues relating to old people – they mention no secondary issues. In the 70’s the elderly picked a youth issue among the three issues that were important to them. So the grandfather cared for his grandkids and the grandkids cared for their grandfather. However today only the grandchildren care for granddaddy while granddaddy can’t be bothered with his grandkids.

Pensioners today go around nagging about how they built the country (when in reality it was the generations that ran the country from 1890-1960 that did so). They are the sunshine children who came in after the upturn after WW2 and never have had much problems with poverty. Today’s youth have much bigger problems – it is very difficult for freshly minted high school and university graduates to get jobs. The housing market has turned into a landmine.

These selfish, grumpy old people in America spend epic amounts of cash on their face lifts, on trips, on medical care, subsidizing their mortgages and on many other benefits for themselves. Old people are draining the economy for their own benefit and sabotaging future generations.

Young People Are Too Poor & Don’t Have Time to Vote – But Elderly Do

Because the elderly of America have sabotaged the country and sucked out as many benefits for themselves as possible at the expense of future generations, young people today have to work long hours and multiple jobs just to try to make ends meet. They don’t have time to vote or pay attention to political issues, but the elderly do. The elderly vote in huge percentages and control elections so politicians pander to their needs and give them everything they want.

America’s Elderly Have Abandoned the Youth

Never before has America’s population been so segregated by age. Old people rarely interact with youth. They are too busy spending time with their friends of similar age, traveling and ranting about how they are the “greatest generation”. In times past, the elderly would help the youth and give them their advice and wisdom regularly. They would help out with projects and work side by side with the youth. Not today. Elderly now are getting their faces Botoxed, their tummies tucked, getting spa treatments, expensive medical care and retiring early so they can feed off the work of the youth.

What is the solution?

Elderly need to stop being selfish and voting themselves extra benefits. They need to stop wrecking America. They need to vote for deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense spending and other areas. They need to stop living on personal credit. Elderly need to get involved in the lives of their children and grandchildren and other youth. Old people need to commit themselves to living only on their means and stop destroying their grandchildren’s future.

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  1. Where were the young when my parents were receiving aid? We were there by paying our taxes and not complaining about it. It is the young who are selfish and don’t care about the elderly. What ws it that was said when Ryan was talking about this on the campain trail? “LET THEM DIE”?

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