Iranian Response To Bin Laden’s Death

I asked my good friend the Black Rooster in Iran what public response had been to Bin Laden’s death there.  His answer is surprising:

The general public dont really talk about it that much to be honest. They are pretty much like whatever. But the state media obviously tries to say shit like bin laden has been dead for years and they feed on all the conspiracy theories that are out there. the state media said that the fact that they could capture him alive but instead killed him and dumped the body in the ocean is very suspicious. In my opinion I think its awesome that Bin Laden that SOB is dead. He was a terrorist and a murderer but evertyhing surrounding his death is a little suspicious. I mean when the US captured Saddam they held a trial and convicted him in a court. When they killed his sons they sowed the whole world proper evidence that his sons were dead. Its highly unlike the US to just kill the most wanted man on earth without trying to capture him and get info out of him and then try him in an international court. I mean the amount of facts that you could get out this man regarding the Al Queida network and how these terrorist orgnaiztions function would be priceless.

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Joel Gross

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