Daily 6 Mile Runs

I have slowly over the last year and a half built up to the point where I run six miles four to five mornings each week. I typically wake up at around 6:40 am, drink two glasses of water, use the restroom, then head outside for my six mile run. My route takes me on Motor Ave under the 10 freeway and up into beautiful Cheviot Hills. I make a right off of Motor at the Cheviot Hills Country Club and proceed to run through sunny and very green and pretty suburban neighborhoods all the way out to Pico before turning around and retracing my route.

I have found that doing these runs helps me to stay fit and I really enjoy listening to lectures on these. I have been through a couple of course series on Audible.com’s Great Courses and currently have been listening to a philosophy lecture series (Descartes to Didereaux).

It’s a great way to start my mornings!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.