USDA Mortgage Program Extended

Many people had believed that the USDA home loan program had run out of money, but the United States Department of Agriculture has just boosted the loan limit to $2.5 billion.  Doing so has opened up the door to getting a new home for many people across America.  Most all areas are eligible for the USDA rural housing loan except for actual major city centers.… read more “USDA Mortgage Program Extended”

Comedy Central Knuckles Under on South Park Muhammad Episode

South Park’s new episode was altered without permission by the show’s creator’s Parker & Stone after threats by Islamic groups. A message on read:

“We apologize that South Park Studios cannot stream episode 201 at this time. After we delivered the show, and prior to broadcast, comedy central placed numerous additional audio bleeps throughout the episode.… read more “Comedy Central Knuckles Under on South Park Muhammad Episode”

Welcome to War

A video unflattering to the US military has been leaked showing two pilots shooting suspected insurgents (and 2 reuters journalists).

I think the pilots were justified in their action… the concept of war without any collateral damage is a silly, stupid American ideal. No other country comes remotely close to being as careful as we are in pursuing war.… read more “Welcome to War”

Private Currency FAQs

What is private currency?

Private currency is money issued by non-governmental organizations (usually banks or companies) to be used as legal tender for all debts and exchanges.  Most private currency’s are backed by gold or silver or some other commodity of material value.

What is government-issued currency?

Government issued currency is used by citizens of a state to pay taxes and complete transactions with other citizens.… read more “Private Currency FAQs”

Healthcare Reform: Who Benefits?

Yesterday Congress approved a very big piece of legislation: the regulatory overhaul of our countries health systems.  The key points of the new legislation are:

  • Requiring most Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty
  • Add 16 million people to Medicaid
  • Subsidize low & middle income private health care coverage
  • The bill will provide 32 million people with health coverage, but leave out 23 million more
  • Insurers must provide coverage to old & sick people (effectively forcing young & healthy people to pay for the older peoples care)
  • Abortions will not be paid for
  • Prescription drugs will receive additional trademark protection from generics

Who are the biggest beneficiaries of healthcare reform?read more “Healthcare Reform: Who Benefits?”

Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA

The following is, as always, my personal opinion and view of the situation.

Allow me to introduce you to Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA.  The owner, Kevin Bruff , is probably the most honest tow truck operator I have run across (not that I meet that many lol).  After my car was towed twice in one week out of Venice, CA I was very unhappy and believed that there was some sort of malfeasance occurring. … read more “Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA”

LA Parking Tickets & Towing: A Tax for the Poor

Today I went outside to get my car to drive to a business meeting only to discover it had been towed.  I called around and found it at Bruffy’s Towing in LA.  It had been towed because of a temporary tow away zone that apparently they only need to give 24 hours notice for. Such a ripoff.… read more “LA Parking Tickets & Towing: A Tax for the Poor”