LA Parking Tickets & Towing: A Tax for the Poor

Today I went outside to get my car to drive to a business meeting only to discover it had been towed.  I called around and found it at Bruffy’s Towing in LA.  It had been towed because of a temporary tow away zone that apparently they only need to give 24 hours notice for. Such a ripoff.

Many poor people cannot afford a parking spot and must park their cars on the street.  Not only must they deal with moving their car every 6 days because of street cleaning, but their car can get expensive tickets or towed with only a days’ notice. One of the biggest revenue streams for cities is their parking tickets and towing fees, but those fees are almost all born by poor people.  Wealthier folks use paid parking garages when they go places and have their own spots in their garage at home.

Trent has spent several hundred dollars on tickets since moving to Los Angeles, CA and now I have to pay $283.  It really stinks, but at least we can afford to do it.  Many poor people can’t and these parking tickets & towing expenses break their backs.

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Joel Gross

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  1. I was towed on the same day due to the temporary tow! The night before I parked in front of THE ONLY street cleaning post on Main Street that DID NOT have a temporary tow sign on it, I had no idea. I plan to contest it, but am wary as I can only hope the DOT will actually believe me. I know people who have had to give up their cars because they cannot afford the impound. Mine was $246 and I am told I will have to pay a ticket on top of it, which Bruffy said must have “blown away”.

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