Former Treasury Secretary Paulson Forced BoA to Buy ML

The problem with enormous unchecked government power is that it is often used in a very corrupt way that hurts citizens.  According to his own admission, Former Treasury Secretary actually forced Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch last year.  He told the CEO of Bank of America that if he didn’t go through with the deal that the government would remove the CEO and the rest of management.  … read more “Former Treasury Secretary Paulson Forced BoA to Buy ML”

Campaign Finance Reform BS

The whole concept of “campaign finance reform”- limiting cash contributions to political campaigns- is complete garbage. ‚ In a free country, I should be able to spend my money however I please. ‚ If I wish to get drunk daily and ride roller coasters, I should be allowed to do so. ‚ If I wish to try to help a candidate get elected by giving him money or effort, I should be allowed to do so.… read more “Campaign Finance Reform BS”

Two Party Political Systems

Two party political systems are where two major political parties dominate most elections. ‚ America has a two party system in which the Republicans and Democrats control all major and most minor policy decisions. ‚ There are alternate parties, but our system has been set up in such a way to purposely exclude them and make it extremely difficult for them to see any success.… read more “Two Party Political Systems”

Solving the Pirate Problem

Earlier I had written about the growing problem of piracy off the coast of Somalia. ‚ The pirates have continued to rapidly expand and are becoming better with their techniques. ‚ However, one story of an American ship captain caught by pirates brought much more attention to the issue recently.

The ship Maersk Alabama was captured by pirates, but the captain locked his crew in a hold and surrendered himself in exchange for his crew’s freedom.… read more “Solving the Pirate Problem”

Parentalism By Government

Parentalism is the fundamental logic used to support big government, socialism, communism, bailouts, Social Security, Medicare, public housing, farm subsidies, tarriffs, anti-immigration laws, anti-drug laws, Fascism, and many other programs in which the government intervenes into private life in situations where there are no specific rights to protect. Government parentalism is directly in opposition to individual choice.‚ … read more “Parentalism By Government”

Interesting Ron Paul Video- He Predicts Economic Collapse

I found an interesting video of Ron Paul (Republican Representative from Texas) discussing the current problems we have in our economy- over a year ago. Ron Paul sounds a lot like me. I like him. 🙂

Ron Paul is an interesting character. He’s a bit nutty on some topics, but right on on other topics.

I think I am closest to the Libertarian party, if I was ever to be a part of a party.… read more “Interesting Ron Paul Video- He Predicts Economic Collapse”