Sarah Palin Scandals

Sarah Palin & John McCain
Sarah Palin & John McCain

Sarah Palin is John McCain’s running mate.‚  Due to John McCain’s very advanced age and his mild Alzeimers, if this duo wins we will likely one day be saluting President Sarah Palin… so what do we know about this woman?‚  Very little information about her is known other than that she was a small-town mayor and later the Governor of Alaska for about two years.‚  Now there is a very good chance that Sarah Palin will be the President of the United States.‚  I don’t know about you, but the fact that no one knows anything about her besides the fact that she is a MILF is frightening to me. So, I did some research and I think that:

John McCain picking Sarah Palin as his running mate is a shame and a scandal!

Sarah Palin ScandalWhy?‚  Sarah Palin may be cute, but she is incredibly unprepared to become the President of the United States.‚  She has very little experience to help prepare her for the job of running the most powerful nation on earth (unless you think popping out 4 babies teaches you how to interact with Putin and face down freedom killers like Ahmadinejad and Mugabe).‚  For crying out loud, even Alaska’s Republican Speaker of the House John Harris could only say, “She’s old enough.‚  She’s a U.S. Citizen.” when asked what Sarah Palin’s qualifications were.‚  Sarah Palin’s own mother-in-law, Faye Palin said, “I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she’s a woman and a conservative.”‚  Obscenely ridiculous.‚  Faye Palin went on to say that she is even thinking about voting for Barack Obama.‚  FOX News correspondent Steve Doocy was bragging about how great of a vice-president Sarah Palin would be and said, “She does know about international relations because she is right up there in Alaska, right next to Russia.” … Jon Stewart ironically replied to this by saying, “When you think about it, Alaska is also right near the North Pole, so she must also be friends with Santa”.

The Sarah Palin Scandal

The fact that Sarah Palin was ever even considered to be placed on the Republican ticket makes me strongly reconsider my slight leaning towards John McCain.‚  I believe in small government that is not invasive into my life- basically let me make my own decisions on morals & finance (fiscal conservative, social liberal). Sarah Palin just wants power… power… POWER!!‚  The NYTimes did an article on how Sarah Palin managed her small town in Alaska and later the state of Alaska itself and showed that she violated rules of ethics in her ruthless pursuit of power.‚  Sarah Palin is NOT the right choice of a running mate for John McCain.

Top Reasons Sarah Palin Should Not Be President

  • Sarah Palin does not know what the Bush Doctrine is.‚  Let me repeat that.‚ ‚  Sarah Palin does not know what the Bush Doctrine is.‚  If you don’t know what the Bush Doctrine is either, please DO NOT VOTE.‚  Jesus people, read something sometime.
  • SNL, the recently terrible television series, actually made a funny video lampooning Sarah Palin (and also Hillary Clinton).Barbarian Sarah Palin
  • Sarah Palin is a barbarian (See photo at right)
  • The state of Alaska is currently investigating Sarah Palin for corruption (Palin fired several state employees for personal reasons of vengeance).
  • The citizens of Alaska twice voted to ban the aerial hunting of wolves & bears, but Sarah Palin opposed the will of the people and continues to push the practice.‚  Palin even went so far as to spend $400,000 of state money on an advertising campaign promoting her personal viewpoints.
  • The Wall Street Journal, eternal beacon of conservatives, has issued an article on Sarah Palin’s new campaign slogan… “Drill, baby, drill”.‚  I think that we should allow some new drilling, but our country desperately needs to quit relying on oil from hostile foreigners in Venezuela, Iran & Russia.‚  A leader with vision would have a policy focused on stopping our fiscal support of terrorist nations that feed us oil and focus on making the United States a strong and independent country once again.
  • When Sarah Palin was the mayor of the town of Wasilla in Alaska, she fired the city librarian because the librarian would not agree with her to censor the cities books.
  • Sarah Palin did not obtain her first passport until 2007.‚  She has no knowledge of world affairs, yet she is going to be leading the massive United States military on its continuing expedition in Iraq, as well as trying to slow down Russia’s aggression, Hugo Chavez’s highway robbery of American companies, and she will need to deal with the starving psychos in North Korea…. but hey, she was a beauty queen! (see right)
  • When Sarah Palin was the mayor of Wasilla in Alaska, she made many unwise decisions, including forcing rape victims to pay for their own forensic kits.‚  The woman is an absolute imbecile.

And the number one reason to oppose Sarah Palin is…

The Mental Midget Sarah Palin Supports Alaska’s Secession from America!

You think I’m kidding right?‚  Unfortunately, I’m not.‚  Sarah Palin’s husband was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party for seven years and Sarah herself has publicly supported their goal of trying to get Alaska to secede from the Union.‚  Apparently when Sarah Palin missed out on figuring out what the Bush Doctrine was, she also missed her history lessons on the American Civil War.‚  As recently as six months ago, Sarah Palin addressed the Alaskan Independence Party at their convention and said, “Keep up the good work”.‚  It’s not even like the Alaskan Independence Party has other issues at stake… their website says “its primary goal is merely a vote on secession.”‚  Ugh.

Supporting Scandal Queen Sarah Palin is Treason to America

If you have read all of the above information, yet still want to support Sarah Palin and John McCain’s Alzeimers induced decision to make her his running mate, you run a high risk of being a traitor to America.‚  The United States Supreme Court and the United States Federal Government both publicly declared that attempts at seccession are treason.‚  Following the Civil War, Jefferson Davis was imprisoned for two years for just this crime.‚  Do you want to support Sarah Palin and run the risk of being a traitor to America?

Even Matt Damon Opposes Sarah Palin

Watch the funny video of Matt Damon ripping on Sarah Palin below.

Hahahahhaha… so true.‚  “I want to know if Sarah Palin really tried to ban books.. or if she really thinks that dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,000 years ago… Sarah Palin running for VP is like a bad Disney movie..”

Sarah Palin Supports Pork Barrel Projects

One of Sarah Palin’s top selling points is that she supposedly opposed getting earmarks and special spending from Congress, making her a fiscal conservative.‚  This is a lie.‚  Sarah Palin asked US taxpayers to fund over $450 million in Alaskan projects over the last two years.‚  She wanted $130 million to support the local fishing industry with subsidies and $9 million for oil companies.‚  Sarah Palin even had her own “airport to nowhere” – $4.5 million to upgrade an airport on an island in the Bering Sea that has a year-round population of less than 100 individuals.‚  John McCain’s biggest positive policy is that he is adamantly against earmarks and special interest money for states, but apparently his running mate & potential president Sarah Palin does not agree with him.

The Bottom Line on Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin would be an awful President, but she is awfully good-looking.

Sarah Palin Hottie

Perhaps John McCain is less senile than I think… he might now he has a snowballs chance in hell against Barack Obama, so he has decided to provide the nation with some sexy entertainment. Certainly better than watching Al Gore flop on his face, right?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Scandals”

  1. Don’t you think it is rather sleazy of you to put photoshop bikini pictures on your site of a fat woman? Your comments are an insult to all women.And I bet your mother was a woman.

    Would you rather have as president a “community organizer” who along with William Ayers blew throught $100,000,000 on ridiculous projects like teaching people in Chicago how to celebrate Juneteenth. The black people in Texas have been celebrating this day for 143 years and no one had to teach them how!!!

  2. Hey Joel,

    I just wrote a lot on here and the dumb site erased it so I’ll try again.

    Every single reference on Palin you cited is complete lies. If you did your homework instead of citing useless liberal blog info, you would know the truth.

    Go to for some information about both sides of the presidential ticket to learn some truth. By believing all the lies you typed about Palin you run the risk of being a traitor to America yourself. That picture of Palin is a photoshop along with about a bazillion others circulating the web, it only takes a second to find sites showing the complete falsity of about every rumor you posted about.

    You are smarter than this and I can’t let you get away with bashing an American patriot like Palin. She may not have much foreign policy experience, but nor does Obama and he is at the head of the other ticket. That still doesn’t excuse her from not having much foregn experience. However if you seriously think McCain is too old just look at his very healthy mother who is in her 90s and doing just fine. Unless he is assassinated he will be just fine for 4 years.

    And to use Matt Damon the all knowing hollywood idiot, seriously come on! Just look up some videos on Matt Damon and you’ll see what a complete hypocrite and loser he is.

    I also like how Charlie Gibson’s interview got such good press from the Mainstream Media who you got all these rumors from. Gibson asked about the Bush doctrine and there isn’t even an official definition of what that is. Ask any big wig Washington official what they take it to mean and they would all say something different. Very sad.

    Anyways, just be careful where you get your information so you don’t degrade your intelligence. McCain and Palin have plenty of issues don’t get me wrong, but none of the above issues are the ones that are serious. I don’t like McCain’s immigration policy nor do I agree with any cap and trade. But Obama’s ideas are astoundingly impossible to implement and simply foolish.

    And my goodness please don’t use Keith Olbermann’s talking points even if you don’t realize you are because that guy is about as bad for America as any human being could be.

    Talk to you later,

  3. Why do you assume Alaskan independence is a bad thing? What is it about DC’s rule that you find so appealing? Wall Street bailouts? Eternal war? Warrantless wiretaps?

  4. Mark- The pictures of Sarah Palin I posted were mostly to make you laugh. I know the gun photo of her is photoshopped and the one at the very top isn’t even of her- it’s Anna Nicole Smith lol. My photos may be goofy and my perspective wacky, however that does not mean that everything I have written here is liberal lies lol… You know me, I’m about the LEAST liberal person you know. I think that you have started to become a bit close-minded and just feed whatever BS the Republican party feeds you. The Republican party is no longer the party of conservatives. You need to recognize that the principles which you and I both believe in- free markets, small government, personal responsibility have all been shat on by Republicans over the last decade. I think that the Republicans are no longer conservatives- they are Communists… For instance, have you read the news in the last year? The Republicans are giving almost a TRILLION dollars to bail out businesses that should be allowed to fail according to free market principles. The Republicans have also become extremely invasive into individuals lives through the Patriot Act, “faith-based initiatives”,tariffs & taxation, etc.

    Please do not be so mortally offended by my criticism of Sarah Palin- I strongly recommend that you actually investigate her before just taking the Republican party lines and spitting them back out at me. True conservatism is based on critical thinking, honest investigation of the facts and a willingness to change your policies based on your observation of the world. Read some of the links below if you want to find out info on Palin.

    Anyways, these articles are just a start. And I’m not saying that they are all 100% accurate or reliable, but when hundreds of different newspapers carry articles on the same facts maybe you should listen up. I read a TON and in my opinion is that the two most reliable news sources available are the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Both papers have slight political leanings, but their actual news articles are usually well-balanced and carefully written.

    Mike Tuggle- I actually agree with you… our federal government has been failing us miserably, as it always has. The problem is that the federal government is now a titanic, bloated behemoth, instead of the smaller versions we used to have. Ugh.

  5. Hey Joel,

    Thanks for clarifying, you had me worried there. I checked out all the links to the sites you gave. The one problem I have with a lot of the newspapers that have been putting forth a lot of the Palin stories is that the content is almost always different. And I don’t mean it is different because the paper is trying to see a different perspective, but different because it seems a lot of people are lying to get their two minutes of fame. Take the banned books for example, I have read and heard a lot on that issue, and every story reports different books that were banned including the laughable one about Harry Potter which wasn’t even printed at the time =) I may have been too close minded in my post because I responded right after seeing your post instead of thinking for a while about it which I apologize.

    I just have been hearing so much negativity from all sides about this woman it is driving me crazy. And it is not because I am so intent on protecting the Republican party – they have a lot to answer for and a lot to be kept accountable for, but I just want the truth on these issues. It seems impossible to find the truth other than to take the common he said vs. she said, and I am trying to find facts. The facts are hard to find when lawyers and reporters from all around the country are heading to Alaska to dig up dirt/stories on Palin and because Sarah made a lot of enemies in Alaska by doing the hard thing in some cases, people are willing to fabricate stories from nothing to get fame or because they are against her values and want to bring her down.

    I am sure Palin has made wrong decisions, and it is important to find out what kind of track record she has on making decisions because of how important a role vice president is. So I am all for figuring out the truth about her, just keep it honest. I am going to do a lot more research on her and see if I can find more about the wolves issue and the other issue with hiring friends to important positions with no experience. The hiring of friends as I refer to it, would be the type of issue I will check out because that has the most impact in my opinion for what her future as Vice President would entail.

    I could go into Obama and Biden for a very long time, but I won’t now since I have said so much babble already, but the same standard should be applied to them on researching stories. I have heard so many stupid arguments about Obama and so many lies against him it makes me sick. I don’t like him as a leader for a lot of reasons but not because of false rumors I have heard.

    I guess I just wish Americans would look with more objectivity and honesty at the candidates rather than such intense bias. I realize we all have certain biases naturally but we can set those aside to examine the truth and policies. I have plenty of problems with both sides, but as I said before, I believe based on all the information so far, I believe McCain is better qualified and has much more practical and implementable policies than Obama. I also agree with you about government being too large and under Republicans and Democrats alike it continues to grow, and I do believe Palin and McCain will start eliminating programs and start the overwhelming chore of reducing the giant monster that federal government is. I don’t believe Obama and Biden will do anything other than grow government. I am conservative before Republican and as such I am not in line with bailing out these banks, I personally would rather suffer in my own life if it meant letting the private sector handle some of the mistakes they made. Capitalism does work and communism does not work.

    I only partially agree with Republicans are communistic in that some Republicans may be more communistic in their policy, but the vast majority are still conservative capitalists. The Democratic party has become by far more communistic than Republicans in wanting the government to save this and that, to take care of everyone (universal healthcare), want to steal from the rich to give to the poor, and so on. Every major policy decision is based on the worldview with the majority of democrats: what can the government do for me? As opposed to the better question and world view: what can I do for my country? And I believe more Republicans than not base their outlook on the latter question.

    Sorry for being so wordy =)

  6. I think Matt Damon is “right on” with his remarks about Sarah Palin. I don’t know if I just stumbled into this site by accident. I was just looking around to see if anyone thinks as I do that Sarah Palin is treasonous (that is: with her remarks about putting people in the cross-hairs and reloading. Does she not know that there are enough certified people out there who will follow her suggestions? Surely she can’t be thinking of taking a run at the presidency.

    I sincerely hope that her mariage to Todd is on firm ground because I fear that if she were free to marry again … she would probably pick Rush and his buddy Sean. They would make a nice little circle of friends. They could lay around all day chewing each others feet off to get out of the trap. What a mess the whole conservative-republican agenda is putting the whole country and maybe even the world in.

    God Bless America, God Bless President Obama and as Mitch Album says, “Have a Little Faith”.

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