Russia Invades Georgia

Georgia under assault by Russia
Georgia under assault by Russia

Russia has invaded its neighbor Georgia. Georgia had a pro-Russia region that tried to secede and Russia responded with overwhelming force, effectively splitting the country in two and conquering far beyond the initially invaded region of South Ossetia. Russia is deeply angry at Georgia for trying to join NATO and for Georgia’s pro-western leanings and democracy.

Russia has become a totalitarian country dominated by former KGB members. In the last couple of years, Russia has become a country dominated by criminals (also known as politicians) who have stolen massive amounts of private property and transferred it into the hands of their political allies. Today, Russia is as scary of a country as Nazi Germany, the old Soviet Union and Imperial Japan and it is no less aggressive than those other countries. Russia has supported Iran and it’s nuclear program recently and also helped to support Zimbabwe’s genocide of its own people because it wants to pillage the country for natural resources. Russia must be stopped before it grows into a behemoth- right now it is in the early stages that Germany was in during the 1930’s when Hitler rose to power. Just as America and other western countries did back then, we are waffling and impotently condemning the actions of the Russians, but since they haven’t affected us so far we do nothing. Why didn’t we learn that totalitarian countries need to be stopped in their infancy rather than in their peak? If Russia continues down this path unchecked, the stage could be set for World War 3 in a dozen years or so.

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  1. The situation is quite complex and the US and NATO’s biggest problem stems from the wealth and power that Russia’s natural gas and oil reserves give it. Based on its close proximity to the borders of the EU and its status as a major pipeline for both resources, it can effectively economically shoulder its way through the “objections” and criticisms of the US and other blocs.

    At this point, it is important for both agencies to act- the EU and NATO. Adding Georgia to the list of the roster nations would effectively mean that the US and other industrialized nations are willing to commit to its defenses. I certainly believe that the US Navy and Air Force could do significant damage to the aging war machine of the Old Soviet bear. Not that I want it to.

    It will be curious to see how this plays out. If we abandon Georgia to the devices of Russia, aren’t we just replaying our behavior towards the Shiite rebellion in Iraq following Desert Storm. We could be creating another enemy on two fronts. Russia, and the Georgian citizens who watch their democracy be destroyed.

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