UW Football Players Classless

After watching the following video from an incident that happened with 40 seconds left to play in the second half, I am extremely disappointed in my college’s team. After Oklahoma defensive end Demarcus Granger received a personal foul for an early rush, three UW offensive linemen attacked him on the next play, injuring Demarcus Granger’s knee. The three players took him to the ground and punched him repeatedly. You can watch the video of UW’s shame here:

UW may be 0-3, but that is no excuse for playing like a classless pack of vicious thugs. Makes me ashamed to be a UW fan.

I have been a big supporter of Ty Willingham during his tenure as UW’s head football coach because he has seemed to be such a great guy and a quality leader for the team, but this horrible incident reflects directly on Ty Willinham’s leadership abilities. I am now starting to think that perhaps Ty Willingham’s time as UW’s head football coach should be at an end.

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