Two Party Political Systems

Two party political systems are where two major political parties dominate most elections. ‚ America has a two party system in which the Republicans and Democrats control all major and most minor policy decisions. ‚ There are alternate parties, but our system has been set up in such a way to purposely exclude them and make it extremely difficult for them to see any success. ‚ This artificial limitation of our freedom and choices available harms Americans. ‚ Imagine if legislation was put in place that said 99% of all hamburgers must be purchased from essentially McDonald’s and Burger King? ‚ All of the citizens who enjoyed Wendy’s, Dick’s or In-n-Out would be left unsatisfied. ‚ The principle of freedom of choice is obvious when it is applied to simple issues, but it works equally well when applied to big ones like politics. ‚ Let the people choose!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

3 thoughts on “Two Party Political Systems”

  1. As many as people wish to have. It’s a free country and if you want to start a political party you should be able to without having extremely difficult artificial hurdles placed in your path.

  2. Agreed. I think that if we liberalized the system with regard to party regulation, some party (libertarian?) would scoop up votes from the growing number of people who are fiscally conservative/socially liberal.

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