Sarah Palin Scandals

Sarah Palin is John McCain’s running mate.‚  Due to John McCain’s very advanced age and his mild Alzeimers, if this duo wins we will likely one day be saluting President Sarah Palin… so what do we know about this woman?‚  Very little information about her is known other than that she was a small-town mayor and later the Governor of Alaska for about two years.‚ … read more “Sarah Palin Scandals”

The Power Of Rumor

Hateful rumors have been spread about both candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama. But which rumors are true and which are false? The video below is pretty good at dispersing false rumors that have been spread online against both candidates. I recommend forwarding this link to your family members and friends who spam your email inbox with forwarded garbage that is more “The Power Of Rumor”

St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank Posts Article Discussing America’s Impending Bankruptcy

Must read article posted by the St. Louis Branch of the Federal Reserve discussing the economic theory behind their (and my) assertions that the United States is a train headed at full speed towards doom.

If you care about your future, you will slog through this article (which admittedly is a little dull at times). It discusses the current economic state in America and where we are headed.

Greatest Father in History

A Texas man caught his 18 year old stepson raping his 8 year old daughter and called the police and had him arrested. He warned his wife not to post bail for the stepson, but she went behind his back and did it anyways. When the stepson called home, the father answered it and offered to come give him a ride home.… read more “Greatest Father in History”

Mercenaries in Iraq

According to a report prepared for Congress, there are about 30,000 “private security contractors” currently in Iraq performing military functions… aka mercenaries. There are another 182,000 people under U.S. government contracts operating in Iraq (these are builders, suppliers, engineers, etc.)

Most of the mercenaries are former military men, now employed by security firms such as Blackwater.… read more “Mercenaries in Iraq”