Greatest Father in History

A Texas man caught his 18 year old stepson raping his 8 year old daughter and called the police and had him arrested. He warned his wife not to post bail for the stepson, but she went behind his back and did it anyways. When the stepson called home, the father answered it and offered to come give him a ride home.

The man drove his perverted stepson to an abandoned house out in the middle of nowhere and beat him with a baseball bat and sodomized him with a metal tool. Fuck yeah, dad. Nasty bastards like that stepson have that and much, much worse coming to them.

Read further details here if you are interested.

Vigilante justice is prohibited for obvious reasons, but sometimes evil people just have it coming.

I have thought about this subject for a while… do you think that it is ever okay to take the law into your own hands? Why or why not?

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6 thoughts on “Greatest Father in History”

  1. There is absolutely a time to take justice into your own hands. I’ll bet you that kid doesn’t ever touch another little girl again. And I’ll bet he regrets doing it in the first place.

    Sometimes the potential benefit to the “vigilante” outweighs the risk or cost of the action. I’ll bet you the dad felt responsible for marrying a screwed up woman with a screwed up kid. And he felt like he would be at peace with dishing out some justice sodomy style.

  2. Not to be the “Hippy” here, but I find this incredibly disturbing.
    While it makes all feel good that the son got a dose of what he doled out, we are missing everything else about this case.
    Child molesters are not “born”, they are created. It is most likely the son was molested as a child. Where was the Father for that? Not to mention the daughter will need help recovering from the shattering of her innocence. The Father likely now feels as though he has “taken care” of the problem, by beating his son within an inch of his life. The shame and horror will not be discussed, much less treated, and the children will not turn out to be functioning members of society. Nice, real nice.

  3. Panther, you are right, this case has some very important repercussions. Justice in America should never be meted out by vigilantes. On the other hand, the father in this case was pushed far beyond reasonable boundaries. By the way, he was recently married to the mother, so the stepfather was not the molestor. Everyone involved is worse off now, you are right. Distrubing and sad case.

  4. Umm seriosly tat is some of the most fucked up shit i have read. No one no matter what deserves what happend to that boy. To be beaten and sexualy violated by your stepfather would be humiliating not to menton compouding any fetishes he already has. What happened to the little girl was terrible but i’m disagreeing with panthersteeler here in that peadophiles are notcreated ok. They are born that way. It’s that simple same as being homosexual/bisexual/zoosexual or anything inbetween. People do not choose sexual orientation. Do you think gays choose to be gay because it’s socially acceptable? no they don;t have a choice in the matter just lik the 18yo didn’t have a choice in the matter. He was a peadophile and thats not socially acceptable anymore so he has to hide it never telling anyone because he is scared of being murdered for something he has no control over. Do you think for a moment that he would choose to be this way if he had the option of being anything else?

    Please think before you speak he has feelings as well you know. That stepfather was like almost everybody just another bigot. Apparently it’s illegal to hate someone for their sexual orientation so why was he not charged with a hate crime?

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