5 Tips To Make Your Blog Unstoppable

In my journey to the top of the blogging world, I have occasionally found myself stuck on plateaus.  If you are in a similar position follow these 5 tips and your blog will be kickstarted up the ladder of success!  (Sorry about all the climbing metaphors, I’m going to be attempting Mt. Rainier this weekend lol)

  1. Comment on other people’s blogs and link back to your own.  
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Writing Better Title Tags

Title tags are frequently overlooked by web designers and other people who are unfamiliar with search engine optimization.  A title tag is the text that appears at the top left of the blue bar on your browser and it is easy to ignore.  If you do a search on Google using the query “site:yoursite.com”, you will quickly see how important title tags are.  … read more “Writing Better Title Tags”

The Joy of Marketing BS

Unfortunately, the marketing industry is full of BS.  One example is this “study” undertaken by the Arnell Group for Pepsi.  Pepsi purportedly spent an enormous amount of money on this project that is eminently cheesy. Quote: “Breathtaking is a strategy based on the evolution of 5000+ years of shared ideas in design philosophy”.  Arnell goes on to compare his new design for Pepsi to Leonardo Da Vinci, the Parthenon and other historical works of art.  … read more “The Joy of Marketing BS”

Fred Wilson’s Internet Investments

I did a little bit of research today on Fred Wilson (Twitter investor) and discovered that he has invested in quite a few other businesses that I have used and really liked.  Meetup is a web application that easily enables people with a common interest to meetup.  I have been to two types of meetups so far (flag football & entrepreneurs) and plan on using Meetup.com… read more “Fred Wilson’s Internet Investments”

How to Improve Your URL Structure

URL structures are a subject that most web designers ignore.  You visit many websites that have a couple hundred characters in their web address (sorting mechanisms, session IDs and the like).  URL structures are important because humans are much more likely to click on a URL they see in the search engine that reads example.com/information than example.com/2387/592837/babcarseat2352/information?ie=UTF8&node=165796011&pf_rd_p=328655101&pf_rd_s=left-nav-1&pf_rd.  … read more “How to Improve Your URL Structure”