How To Build A Basic Online Reputation

Learning how to build a basic online reputation is vital for professionals and businesses to succeed in todays world. Potential employers and customers will usually research you using search engines and social media tools. The only problem worse than having no online reputation is having a negative one. The Internet is full of people and organizations manipulating your reputation, intentionally or otherwise.… read more “How To Build A Basic Online Reputation”

5 Future Mega-Hit Websites

I am always looking around for cool new business ideas and these are the five best website businesses that most people have not yet heard about:

  1.  Ebay-style marketplace for workers.  You can hire accountants, lawyers, programmers, web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, personal assistants, and just about any other online work based projects you can think of.  
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Google Chrome: Windows Killer?

Google has announced that it’s browser, Chrome, is going to be launched as an operating system soon.  Microsoft’s core product, it’s Windows operating system, is now under direct attack from Google’s free new offering.  I think with the new HTML 5 standard, Flash, Silverlight, Apps, Gears and all the other great new technologies we are going to see a massive tidal wave completely change the face of computing.  … read more “Google Chrome: Windows Killer?”

How To Increase Comments on Your Blog

Many bloggers have asked me how to increase comments on your blog.  People who blog want to know that people are actually reading what they post and sometimes just seeing traffic numbers doesn’t quite cut it.  Human engagement is the best way to understand what your readers are thinking and the comments section is one of the few ways to get it online.  … read more “How To Increase Comments on Your Blog”

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an enormously powerful tool for both the guest blogger and for the blog host.  I strongly recommend that all bloggers look for opportunities to write guest posts on other people’s blogs and invite other people to write guest posts for their own blogs.

Top 3 Benefits of Being a Guest Blogger:

  1. Exposure to a new audience.
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Climbing Mt. Rainier via Camp Schurman

I left my camera with my videos & pictures at my grandparents house, so you will have to wait on those till next week when I pick them up.  All the pictures below are from Adam & Steve and a couple are public domain pics of Mount Rainier.

I climbed Mt. Rainier this weekend via the Camp Schurman route.  … read more “Climbing Mt. Rainier via Camp Schurman”

Winning Visitors With Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a forlorn and all too often forgotten part of web design.  Originally developed for the first search engines to tell what the webpage was supposed to be about, meta descriptions were heavily abused by spammers and now are a much smaller factor in search engine rankings.  However, meta descriptions still do serve an important purpose: they are your advertisement in search results to tell searchers what your page is about and get them to click on your link.  … read more “Winning Visitors With Meta Descriptions”