Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an enormously powerful tool for both the guest blogger and for the blog host.  I strongly recommend that all bloggers look for opportunities to write guest posts on other people’s blogs and invite other people to write guest posts for their own blogs.

Top 3 Benefits of Being a Guest Blogger:

  1. Exposure to a new audience. Writing a guest blog for another site gives you the opportunity to showcase your writing and knowledge, potentially gaining new readers for your own site.
  2. Gain a link to your site.  As all SEO’s know, links are very important for ranking well in search engines and for gaining new traffic.
  3. Fresh motivation. Often when you write for your own blog for too long, you start to get stuck in a rut and keep going over the same topics.  Writing for someone else helps you think about things from a new perspective.

Top 3 Benefits of Hosting a Guest Blogger:

  1. Different content. A guest blogger will have a different writing style than you and will have a fresh perspective.
  2. New readers. Guest bloggers will often direct their own readers over to your site to read their guest blogging post and the readers may stick around to check out posts that you have written.
  3. Break! Blogging can become a chore and having someone else write your post for you can give you a much needed break from the pitfalls of too much monotonous writing.

Readers Win Too:

  1. Perspective change.  Instead of just reading the same point of view, readers are exposed to new writing styles, topics, and ways of thinking.
  2. New material. Your readers may end up subscribing to your guest bloggers site and continue to gain new information and ideas through them as well as you.

Guest blogging helps to tie together the online community much tighter by crossing channels of content delivery.  I encourage my clients to guest blog for other sites and to allow guest bloggers onto their own sites.  Everyone benefits!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.