Fred Wilson’s Internet Investments

I did a little bit of research today on Fred Wilson (Twitter investor) and discovered that he has invested in quite a few other businesses that I have used and really liked.  Meetup is a web application that easily enables people with a common interest to meetup.  I have been to two types of meetups so far (flag football & entrepreneurs) and plan on using to find other people to do things in my areas of interest.  Fred Wilson also invested in Disqus (popular third party blog commenting platform), Zynga (of Mafia Wars fame), and Boxee (browser on your television).  Zynga is enormously profitable already using microtransactions and Twitter is the hottest site on the internet among early adopters right now.  I’m amazed at his success rate and will be avidly reading his blog (AVC) and trying to find out more about his techniques and strategies.  He did mention in an interview that his “grand view” when it comes to investing is to try to find business models that the internet will disrupt.  Fred Wilson says the internet is the type of phenomenon that only happens once every several hundred years and will impact almost every type of business in major ways.

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