Google Voice Invite Received

I just received an invite for Google Voice and am testing it out now.  I think it is about to opened to the public in phases.  I’ll post back soon with my reviews.  Google Voice is a service that rings all your phones at the same time, creates transcripts of conversations and allows you to listen in while people leave voicemails.  Looks very interesting.

Above is a test conversation Plato and I had about Google Voice and its features… I am blown away by how cool this service is.  It rings all your phones, allows you to record calls, transcribes voicemails, allows you to email or embed recorded conversations… absolutely awesome.  I am excited to continue using this service.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. Joel, Like you I am excited about the Google Voice service, but unlike you, I have not received an invite. I am not exactly sure how that works but, I assume someone who has the service invites someone who does not. Would you consider inviting me to be part of the service? Thank you for the consideration. Rick

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