Recent Biz Ideas- Please Add Yours!

Many beginner business people are very afraid of sharing their ideas.‚  I however believe that most ideas never go anywhere anyways since building a profitable business usually follows the old adage “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”.‚ ‚  I also think that sharing ideas helps other creative people think up new ideas themselves.‚  So here are a few of my recent business ideas:

  • Write & sell book on online marketing.‚  Perhaps outsource some of the content and do the editing after.‚  Could be used both to make money directly and also as a resume builder.
  • Office building that combines living space with work space for many people.‚  I guess this would be sort of a modern version of the artists loft, with space for manufacturing or retail or web work.
  • Child tracking system using their phone’s built in GPS or triangulation technologies.
  • Pay for prayer.‚  People visit the website and buy time from someone of a specified religion to pray for them.‚  Could be done seriously or as a gag gift.
  • Skinny person only clothing store.‚  Or perhaps target tall, lean people.‚  I and many guys I know can never find clothes that fit right.
  • Self-cleaning protein drink cup.
  • Caffeine-addiction assistance, whether through books, movies, tv, anonymous groups, etc.
  • Kite that flies you.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.