Opposites Attract

Saturday and Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending time with my cousin Jimmy.‚  He is a freshman at UW, but had not yet spent a weekend in Seattle (he goes home every time).‚  I have been trying to convince him to stay up for months, so finally I bribed him by telling him I would bring his computer he forgot at home up to him and he agreed.‚  Jimmy and I hung out most of the day Saturday and he spent the night on my couch and today we cruised around Seattle.‚  Great times: lots of Entourage, shopping, exercising and conversation.

In many ways, Jimmy and I are completely different, but we have always gotten along well.‚  I am a bit of a brute, where Jimmy is… not.‚  He is well-dressed, articulate, and sharp.‚  The kid has a heart of gold and is compassionate and kind to everyone.‚  He spends most of his time looking out for his family and old friends.‚  He is a social butterfly and loves to be around people, talking and engaging with them though he can be shy at first.‚  He is a runner; he has a very lean, light frame and isn’t very tall.‚  On the other hand I am overgrown, uncouth, obnoxious, smelly, aggressive and loud.‚  If I have an opinion, everyone will hear about it till they are sick of it.‚  I go shopping once a year (can you tell from my dated styles?) and focus most of my effort on building myself personally and professionally.

The combo is a recipe for disaster, right?

Nope.‚  We get along great and had a fun time.‚  He helped me pick out some new clothes and cologne.‚  I made him work out with me.‚  We ate good Indian, Greek and other food.‚  We shared our love of Entourage, though he fell asleep during the last episode of the night.

Jimmy’s a great guy and I am looking forward to the next time he comes over… I will cook something more gourmet than eggs, beans & salsa lol.

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