SuperBowl Sunday: Undefeated New England Patriots vs. Upstart New York Giants

The SuperBowl is on Sunday and fans all across the world are planning SuperBowl parties. Nick Fitzer invited me to his friends party at a bar the guy’s dad owns in Tacoma. I am thinking I will probably do that so I can visit my brothers or grandparents while I’m down there. The SuperBowl is featuring the New England Patriots against the New York Giants this year and my money is on the Patriots because they have not been beaten this once this season. However, I think the odds are better for the Giants than most people think. My personal estimation is that the Patriots have a 80% chance of victory. What do you guys think? Anyone else have any special plans for the SuperBowl?

What does the matchup in the SuperBowl look like this year?

New England Patriots- The New England Patriots have an opportunity to go down as the best team in NFL history if they can win the SuperBowl in a convincing fashion. The Patriots already are the only team in history through a 16 game season.

Quarterback- Tom Brady. The impregnator of supermodels, slayer of behemoth football players and all round stud of the NFL, Tom Brady is the undisputed leader of the Patriots. Tom Brady already has won three Superbowls this decade and is looking to win his fourth on Sunday. Tom Brady long ago secured his spot in the NFL Hall of Fame and now is vying to become the best quarterback in history playing for the best team in history.

Wide Receiver- Randy Moss has resurrected his career from the graveyard of Art Shell’s Oakland Raiders and has set the record for receiving touchdowns during the regular season (23). Randy Moss is looking to light up the New York Giants secondary in this game.

Coach- Bill Belichick. Much like Darth Vader, Bill Belichick is notoriously secretive and has rarely given media interviews and all that the general public knows of him is speculation.

New York Giants- The Giants got lucky a week and a half ago in their game against the Green Bay Packers and so instead of seeing the greatest Superbowl in history we are stuck with this one. Seriously, how cool would it have been to see Brett Favre, the old gunslinger and current best quarterback in NFL history go to war against his stone faced challenger, Tom Brady? Oh well, the Giants almost beat the Patriots in the last game of the regular season, so this should also be a better Superbowl than most that we have seen in recent years.

Quarterback- Eli Manning. Throughout his life, Eli Manning has been overshadowed by his older brother Peyton Manning who won the Superbowl last year as the leader of the Indianapolis Colts and most efficient passer in the NFL. Eli has had some really rocky times, but he is looking to show that he has finally overcome his streakiness by claiming his first Superbowl victory.

Coach- Tom Coughlin. Coach Tom Coughlin was on the hot seat at the beginning of the year and many member of the media and New York Giants fans were calling for his job. Now he finds himself in the Superbowl with a chance to gain a much firmer hold on his coaching career.

I think that the Superbowl should be pretty entertaining and I am going to buy enough beer and food to make sure that it is no matter what! Perhaps I’ll have a Beefsteak during the Superbowl. Actually, that’s brilliant: watch giant supermen hit each other at top speed while eating delectable meat and french fries with my fingers and swilling down vast quantities of strong mead. Even a medieval king would be jealous! The life of the King of America is tough, but does have it’s rewards 😉

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