Trent’s New Duds

My friend Trent just purchased a beautiful 2000 Audi TT MK1 with turbo and 230 HP. Trent will now be cruising in a gorgeous car with 18” rims, tight suspension and great handling. Pictures of Trent’s new ride are below.

Jeremy Nunnally New car

Trent is a very, very lucky man. Mmm… What a sweet car.

Audi For Jeremy Nunnally

I. Want. One.

And I will kill to get it.

Trent will be at my apartment tonight at 2 am and I will murder him in his sleep and fly down to LA and drive his car back up. I will use his scalp to help give my couch more cushion. Why don’t people still get scalped? Scalping is awesome.

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Joel Gross

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4 thoughts on “Trent’s New Duds”

  1. Tara and I were reading along, and she hates to be the one to tell you (let alone Trent), but this is a bitch car. For women. You know, straight women. Wearing female jeans (even if they are a size four, which is really quite impressive, I’ll admit) does not qualify anyone with a penis to get behind the wheel of one of these, especially to pick up women. At least the ones with an IQ over 75.

    (Her words, not mine).

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHA… That’s entertaining. I’m pretty sure Trent is going to get a truckload of pussy with it, but your comment is still funny.

  3. One of the gentlemen I work with is thinking of buying one.

    He says its a great statement about his personality. He wants to put “Dr. Decor” on the license plate holder. And he wants to figure out a way to fit a lisped “s” into it.

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