Jeremy and I’s conversation on poor fathers

Jeremy: my dad used me to pick up my step mom

a waitress at a local restaurant

me: hahahaha

Jeremy: I’ve heard the story a few times

me: really?

Jeremy: he used me as bait, and it worked


me: what’d he do?

Jeremy: true story

me: nice

Jeremy: toted me around town, my cute chubby 5 y/o self was kind of a little feisty and attracted them in like bees to honey

I remember my dad’s first date with my stepmom

me: yeah?

Jeremy: he brought me and her up to the mountains to go inner tubing in the snow

me: wow

that man has some magic

Jeremy: my step mom was actually quite attractive

me: i bet she fell for him right then

i have respect for your dad’s game

Jeremy: my dad is charismatic, and used to be quite intelligent

beware of the low ambitions, and alcohol

me: i think it’s more the alcohol

it will be our downfall as well

Jeremy: no he had extraordinarily low ambitions

me: really?

Jeremy: dude had highest SAT’s at Orting Highschool of his class, and full ride to any college

because his dad was a volunteer firefighter and was killed

my dad fucked up

me: really?

Jeremy: I’ve heard the highest SAT thing from a few in my family many times, I don’t know what it was

he went to community college for 2 quarters then got a construction job

me: well if it is from orting

could be an 1160


Jeremy: true and standards were lower back then

my family has a tendency to make him into this brilliant tragic victim

I think he was pretty damn smart, probably as smart as me, but made some lazy choices

me: one day i will be a tragedy

but i hope to have a higher perch

than king of orting

to fall off of


Jeremy: exactly

or maybe don’t be a tragedy

maintain an active participant in life, and don’t bury your talent and ambition

thing about being a fuck up is, you might feel like you still are important and your life matters when you have kids, but when you grow up and they recover from you and no longer care, you have nothing left, and you realize you are irrelevant and all the drama you created is now transparent and pitiful



Blog that shit

me: haha

i put a new blog about my dad today… got an email fwd from my bro

i am using it to help promote the big article

once i go grab some links, that is going to be #1 for his name

it’ll be hilarious when he calls me outraged because his boss talked to him about it


Jeremy: haha


it’s good to skewer him now before he becomes irrelevant

me: yep

Jeremy: working with r through her issues with her dad

I saw the distinct stages of progressing through the accpetance of a failed parent

I felt them reflected in me with my dad

at first you are tortured, living in it with them, and it really matters, you want them to be better so your life will be better

after you move out, and you see them continue on their path you first disconnect and try not to care, but then realize you do and your anger turns into pity, because you are no longer subject ot their shit, but you still care about them, and don’t want that for their lives

the next part happened for me, but it never happened to her,

I realized his life is now irrelevant to my happiness, because I am a whole person without him

I don’t need a dad anymore

me: good point

can I put that on my blog?

Jeremy: sure

my friend L called you a good writer

props for that

me: who’s l?

Jeremy: you are Joel

me: L


Jeremy: Levi

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  1. Lol, are you really attempting a sabotage of Dad’s reputation? Don’t answer that. Might be legally incriminating.

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