The Peak of Narcissism

A dear friend mentioned to me earlier this evening that I should write a blog “on the idea, or possibility that blogs are a symptom of our generation (the “me generation”)’s delusion that we are all interesting enough – great enough, etc. – to be chronicled, and read.” In response to such an interesting query, I decided to have three facets of the diamond that is me reply; my logical side, my romantic side and my meatheaded side. I believe that everyone has many sides to them of which they are generally only able to present one aspect at a time and usually only one part of themselves to any particular individual. So I will show you some of my dazzling beauty by interviewing myself.

Q: Is there a proliferation of self-aggrandizing behavior in the current generation, as represented by many people who have websites and blogs?

Logical Me: Absolutely. I am a prime example of this sort of behavior. Lately, I have churned out an average of two to three blogs a day, 90% of which are complete shit. However, I have been trying to motivate myself to write a diary for years and only write one entry per month, usually when I am depressed. The blog motivates me to write a lot more often and gives me instant feedback from people who care enough about me to read it. I think my writing skills have begun to improve through this practice and may one day come back and rewrite some of the better entries.

Romantic Me: Every person has their own unique perspective to present and we can all learn something from others. For instance, I enjoy reading Jeremy’s blog and occasionally Ashley’s. I wish more of my friends had blogs. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to host your blog on a subdomain of my site. I’ll set it up and everything.

Meatheaded Me: Who uses the internet for purposes other than looking at porn? Waste of time.

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  1. I can imagine myself espousing that the reason the bar is high to be a published writer is so we aren’t up to our knees in crap writing, and now the blog threatens to drowned us in miserable heaps of shit but then, alas, I fell on the other side of the fence, I only read what I choose, and I have never had a problem with unreasonable self attribution of self esteem.

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