Justin White

Justin White is one of my oldest friends, though we didn’t become close until high school. We started a lawn and landscape company together at the end of our Cascade Christian high school careers that was a fun learning experience.

I think that Justin White is one of the more interesting people that I know; Justin is sort of like Job in the Bible. He constantly has the worst luck of my friends, but somehow keeps up the most positive cheerful and trusting attitude. Some things he brings on himself with his trusting nature, but many things have happened to him that Nick Fitzer and I can only shake our heads at in wonder.

Justin & Natalie White’s HoneymoonJustin White is a stellar guy though and someone that I respect and trust more than most others. He is one of the few people in this world who is a genuinely good guy through and through. Justin White recently married a nice woman named Natalie, though they still live with his parents (cheap rent!)

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