Ben Althouse

Ben Althouse is standing right beside me now. Ben has a nice big drink of negroni in his hand. I saw his website and it was pretty. Ben Althouse will not get any links from me in this post though, cuz I am a selfish attention snatcher.

Nah, Ben Althouse is actually a pretty good guy who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus; big flowing mane and beard. Ben Althouse would get WAY more ladies if he shaved, though the weirdos wouldn’t chase him quite as much. Plato is also here, drinking a negroni and pretending not to be fruity. I look to my left right now after Plato hit me and hear Ben Althouse making stupid jokes and eyeing his giant collection of prescription pills he takes so he doesn’t hate the world quite as much.

Ben Althouse wants to head out to a bar now, so I will post more about this champion of humanity later.

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