Root Canal & Insurance

My orthodontist, Dr. William J Harris in Tacoma, did a root canal on me a little over a year ago. The root canal has some sort of problem and has become infected, so Dr. Harris sent me to a specialist named Dr. Tim Bachman who has an office in Fremont. Dr. Bachman looked at it this morning and said that it hasn’t healed and has some sort of infection that needs work. So now Dr. Bachman is going to redo the root canal done by Dr. Harris and I may lose the tooth.

The worst part is that I just discovered my dental insurance only covers $1,000 per year and that this procedure will cost me $500 out of pocket…. AND if I need any other dental work done this year, the cost will come out of my pocket.

I am one unhappy man.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.