La Isla Puerto Rican Restaurant in Ballard, WA

Last night the weekly dinner crew headed out to go to an ethiopian restaurant named Waid’s in the Central District of Seattle. However, Waid’s was closed for Presidents Day, so Plato led Ian, Diane, Tara and I on to a different destination: La Isla.

La Isla is a small Puerto Rican restaurant in Ballard, WA. Plato had been there before and said it had some great Caribbean food and our group is all about trying new things, so we headed over.… read more “La Isla Puerto Rican Restaurant in Ballard, WA”

Remembering Fred Stephens

Fred’s family has established the Frederick Stephens III Memorial Scholarship Fund so that those who wish to contribute to the memory of Fred may do so.‚  Michael Hesamer will be going on trial for Fred Stephen’s murder on March 5, 2009.

At the request of Fred Stephen’s family, I have removed all photos for the time more “Remembering Fred Stephens”

Time Machine To Do List

What I know now. I was having a fantasy today about having a time machine. Below are a few of the things that I would do:

-I would use my time machine to go hunt dinosaurs. Jurassic Park had it right- a nice big game preserve with the biggest monsters history has known. I’d be decked out like Rambo with a rocket launcher, .50 caliber sniper rifle and a light machine gun for anything small and fast.… read more “Time Machine To Do List”

Marketing: Science or Scam?

When many people in the business world hear about their marketing department, they roll their eyes. Marketing has a reputation of being mostly fluff and very little results delivered. Sales people go and find new clients, production people deliver whatever the company makes, but no one really understands what in the world marketing people really do.… read more “Marketing: Science or Scam?”

New Features on Joel’s Blog

I added two new features today that I think my readers will like:

1. Polling. I can place ajax powered polls on my site and you can vote and instantly see how everyone else is answering. Polls will appear in posts and along the right hand column near the bottom.

2. Ratings. If you open an individual post, you can rate it at the bottom out of 5 stars.… read more “New Features on Joel’s Blog”

Interesting Internet Info

The following are entertaining things that I have found online lately:

-James McDonough, the newly retired head of the Florida prison system, said that before he arrived the prison system was extremely corrupt. He describes drunken orgies, unhealthy obsession with softball and a violent mafia-style prison system run by drug lords. “I cannot explain how big an obsession softball had become,” McDonough said.… read more “Interesting Internet Info”

King of America: Luke Esser (WA state Republican Party Chairman)

Luke Esser is one of the King of America’s newest heroes. Currently serving as the Republican Party Chairman in Washington state, Luke Esser decided he knew what the outcome of voting in Washington state would be before the votes were in. Luke Esser called Luke Esser is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Washington Statethe election in John McCain’s favor over Mike Huckabee with only 93% of the vote counted.… read more “King of America: Luke Esser (WA state Republican Party Chairman)”