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The following are entertaining things that I have found online lately:

-James McDonough, the newly retired head of the Florida prison system, said that before he arrived the prison system was extremely corrupt. He describes drunken orgies, unhealthy obsession with softball and a violent mafia-style prison system run by drug lords. “I cannot explain how big an obsession softball had become,” McDonough said. “People were promoted on the spot after a softball game at the drunken party to high positions in the department because they were able to hit a softball out of the park a couple times.” Previous top prison officials had taken kickbacks and used taxpayer funds to pay for whores and booze at their parties.

-A newlywed couple were having their first dance when the bride crumpled over dead. Kim Sjostrom, 36, and a first grade teacher, had heart disease. Sad.

-The writer’s strike is over. More episodes of “The Office” and movie sequels! Hip hip hooray!

-Yahoo’s board rejects Microsoft‘s $44.6 billion offer as “massively undervaluing Yahoo”.

Pretty pictures provided by DivineCaroline. Artistic photos that have interesting takes on culture.

Heartbreaking picture of an Iraqi woman giving her son a final hug.

-Worst Fake ID ever created below
Jose Pacheco : Worst fake ID ever

-Man claims to have invented perpetual motion machine.

-Funny Christian comic on homosexuality.

-So true lol: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal!”

Voting doesn’t work

Facebook apparently will not allow you to delete your account. To get rid of your information, you have to painstakingly go through your profile line by line deleting every message, wall post, profile info, everything. And even then they keep backups of your old profile. No wonder they have such a high retention rate. It’s like hell; easy to get into, hard to escape from.

-And for all you twelve year old airplane freaks, a video of fast jets flying low and rocking their afterburners!

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