Settlers of Catan: Mardi Gras Style

Nick and I went over to Brian’s place in Fremont tonight and played a board game called Settlers of Catan.‚  Apparently, Settlers has become a very popular game but I hadn’t tried it yet.‚  The game is basically a combination of Risk and Monopoly- players try to control the continent of Catan using strategy, luck and negotiating ability.… read more “Settlers of Catan: Mardi Gras Style”

Update on Advanced Web Application Development Course

My Advanced Web Application Development Course at UW is coming along well.‚  I have bought myself a GREAT C# book (Beginning C# 3.0: An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming by Jack Purdum) and am learning tons about C#.‚  Since I have been so focused on learning C#, my progress with ASP.NET has started to lag a little bit.‚ … read more “Update on Advanced Web Application Development Course”

Insomnia or Enough Sleep?

I woke up about twenty minutes ago and have been wide awake since.‚  Not a bad “tired, but can’t sleep” awake, instead a fresh bright mental state.

I have no idea why I am so awake.‚  I’m concerned I may have started to overtrain on my workouts.‚  For the last few consecutive days, I’ve been doing “ergs” -1,000 calorie workouts on a variety of machines plus my regular weight lifting.‚ … read more “Insomnia or Enough Sleep?”

Indefinite Detention Morally Wrong

On my website in the past, I have discussed my views on freedom and how vitally important a free society is for the success of mankind.‚  America’s freedoms have been slowly bleeding away for a long time, but former President George W. Bush’s policies have greatly eroded very important human rights.‚  One right in particular that has been seriously harmed is the right to not be indefinitely imprisoned without any recourse.… read more “Indefinite Detention Morally Wrong”