Settlers of Catan: Mardi Gras Style

Nick and I went over to Brian’s place in Fremont tonight and played a board game called Settlers of Catan.‚  Apparently, Settlers has become a very popular game but I hadn’t tried it yet.‚  The game is basically a combination of Risk and Monopoly- players try to control the continent of Catan using strategy, luck and negotiating ability.

After our first game of Settlers, the three of us headed out to see if anything was going on for Mardi Gras.‚  Seattle sucks and nothing was happening, so we came back and mixed up mimosa’s and settled down for another four-person game.‚  Nick won both the early game and the later game… he is a funny guy who uses his humor to negotiate stronger deals for himself.

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Joel Gross

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  1. It’s hard to imagine anyone would describe Settlers of Catan as a “combination of Risk and Monopoly”… Eeep!

    Anyway, don’t let Joel’s harsh description of this wonderful game scare you away. At least take a peek at wikipedia for the description.

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