Indefinite Detention Morally Wrong

On my website in the past, I have discussed my views on freedom and how vitally important a free society is for the success of mankind.‚  America’s freedoms have been slowly bleeding away for a long time, but former President George W. Bush’s policies have greatly eroded very important human rights.‚  One right in particular that has been seriously harmed is the right to not be indefinitely imprisoned without any recourse.

President Bush and his legal advisors claimed that since America is currently engaged in a “War on Terror”, people deemed to be “terrorists” may be held in prison without recourse as enemy combatants.‚ ‚  I agree that in a conventional war, captured prisoners must be held until the war has ended.‚  However, a conventional war is fought against a specific group or region of people and is over when certain predefined objectives are completed… Think of America’s involvement in World War 2, Vietnam, etc.

Former President Bush used semantics to grant himself massive power to imprison almost anyone he wished for as long as he pleased.‚  By declaring a “War on Terror” (terror being vaguely defined guerrilla warfare tactics used since the dawn of civilization) and giving his government the right to secretly incarcerate anyone he claims is a terrorist without trial (including you), President Bush effectively suspended Habeas Corpus for all Americans and foreigners.‚  Habeas Corpus is the right to seek relief from unlawful detention and is a vital protection for individuals from arbitrary state actions.

Many individuals have been imprisoned by the Bush administration worldwide and remain incarcerated under President Barack Obama.‚  Legitimate criminals and terrorists have been held under this policy, but so have many people who have committed no crimes and are only suspected of supporting terrorists.‚  Both the guilty and the innocent have no right to a trial and some have been kept in solitary confinement or have been tortured for over 6 years now.

Imagine if you or a friend was one of those people Bush had falsely declared a terrorist (perhaps because you knew something incriminating about someone in his administration).‚  Imagine being kept in a prison cell by yourself with no contact allowed from family, friends, legal counsel or even fellow prisoners.‚  Imagine perhaps even being tortured and made to feel like you were drowning or kept awake for days at a time under heavy interrogation.‚  Do you see now why holding a person prisoner without giving them a right to a fair legal review is wrong and why you would never want this to happen to you or your family?

Petition President Barack Obama now to stop the evil practice of indefinite detention without legal review immediately.‚  One day that could be you who is desperately needs a fair trial.‚  The Bush administration secretly listened to millions of Americans phone conversations and read their emails… maybe you said something out of place in one of them.‚  I actually have had Homeland Security agents come to my apartment and take away a roommate before without warning… it took me a couple of days to find out what happened to him.‚  Watch out and protect your rights now while you still you can.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

2 thoughts on “Indefinite Detention Morally Wrong”

  1. Great post Joel. This is very true cause it happened to myself. It was a terrifying experience and there was no valid reason to keep me in a detention center. I was a student studying at UW. Evertyhing was paid for by my family. I never asked the university, city or any one for a single cent. I lived in the states for 6 years and spent A LOT (LOL) of money in those 6 years. I had never been convicted of a crime or any illegal activity. Now I was lucky cause my family had the money to bail me out (which btw was a ridiculous amouont). But most people cant afford that and will stay in those detention centers for years. This seriously needs to stop because people expect much better from the country that is supposed to be the leader in many aspects in the free world.

  2. BR,

    I agree… I think we should allow globalization and free trade to eliminate all of these bullshit border controls. It will force countries to stop abusing their people.


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