Better Elections Through Education

Citizens should not be able to vote in an election unless they watch a ~15 minute online video speech by each candidate. Perhaps there should be verification that they paid attention, either by administering a 3 question basic quiz of what the candidate said (probably put together by the candidate?), or by facial verification.

Hopefully this would remove the name recognition component of elections and remove the Bushes, Clintons, Trumps from power.


Women having long hair is an artifact of sexism.

My wife insists our daughter should have long hair, but she hated getting it combed out as combing is painful. I told my wife we should shave her head. My wife disagrees.

Women with long hair are easier for men to control as a man can just grab a handful and drag a woman around.… read more “Sexism”

Special Interests

Politicians are directly controlled by special interests. This is why we have John Deere using copyright laws to stop farmers from repairing their tractors, Intuit using tax law to protect it’s expensive software, and patent trolls using abusive patent laws to extort entrepreneurs.

VCs destroy capitalism

I am a libertarian, and founded and still run a company with 200+ employees.

VCs destroy capitalism. They force out founders and install hired guns. The VCs and their hired guns break the promises made by founders to their stakeholders. They put insane pressure on growth at all costs. All business ethics are abandoned.

Free Markets Need Perfect Competition

Adam Smith said that to have an efficient free market, there needs to be perfect competition. Perfect competition is when all parties are free to transact or not transact as they please and information on prices is clear to everyone. Perfect competition is the best possible scenario for consumers (you and I, our families, and our friends) because it means we always get the best value for services and goods we buy.… read more “Free Markets Need Perfect Competition”

Stop Government Handouts

Government handouts destroy the motivation of corporations and individuals to do better.

When corporations go bankrupt, it seems like a sad event, but in reality it is clearing market room for new entries to be able to start up and take share. Instead of allowing corporations to go bankrupt in the 2007 market crash and in the 2020 market crash, we have given them massive government handouts.… read more “Stop Government Handouts”