Underrated Intelligence Factor: Scam Detection

I have never taken an IQ test that asked questions related to insight into someone trying to take advantage of you. A fundamental factor in my success and every self made business owner I know is that they are better than most people at detecting frauds, scams, dishonesty. It is almost a requirement for a good business owner to develop a deep sense of when someone is scamming you, because someone with money will run into dozens of scams a day trying to take your money.… read more “Underrated Intelligence Factor: Scam Detection”

Conversation with a Venture Capitalist

I receive emails from venture capitalists and private equity constantly. Mostly I see them as annoying spam, but the reality is that this is a predatory industry that does more harm to American GDP than even payday loan sharks or the cigarette companies. Sometimes I reply to troll a little bit. I am sharing this conversation below to demonstrate why all successful founders should steer clear of them.read more “Conversation with a Venture Capitalist”

Stage 4 Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Anecdotal data: two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis stage four and told I needed surgery immediately. I spent months researching studies on osteoarthritis. What I found is that switching exercise from golf to cycling, stopping running and other impact exercises, generally following some of the rules of the anti-inflammatory index diet, and taking supplements has entirely removed my pain and I am fully functional for daily activities.… read more “Stage 4 Osteoarthritis of the Hip”

Rick and Morty season 5 review

I love the first three seasons of Rick and Morty and could not recommend them enough to other people. The last two seasons though have just not been funny.

Season 5 completely lacks comedic timing. They simply tried to cram as much action and jokes as they possibly could into each episode. A lot of the jokes would be quite funny if they were focused on and given the time to develop and then land, but instead the extremely frenetic pace just leaves you staring at the screen.… read more “Rick and Morty season 5 review”

US Government Sanctioned Racism and Sexism in Contracting

The US government specifically gives a major advantage to certain races and sexes in awarding contracts. Women are strongly preferred to men, and blacks are preferred to whites.

If the government wants to end racism and sexism, how can it possibly think that doing that same racism and sexism is the solution?

The US government awarding contracts based on racism and sexism means that no one thinks the people who won those contracts got them fairly on merit… even if they were truly the most deserving to win.… read more “US Government Sanctioned Racism and Sexism in Contracting”

Free Market Reforms We Need

For free markets to work, we need the following:

-Bankruptcy without bailouts to clear dead wood.

-Abolish patents as these simply limit free market competition and are a ploy to try to claim ownership on something that usually is one tiny fragment of human knowledge.

-Public tax records for everyone. Sunlight is the best disinfectant (and the best way to allocate resources)!… read more “Free Market Reforms We Need”