The Great Myths of World War 2

Myth 1: The Allies (USA & Britain) won the war.
World War 2 in Europe was really a massive industrialized war between Russia and Germany. The US and Britain did not even join the fight until Russia had beaten Germany. D-Day was not launched until Russian armies had defeated Germany’s best armies and reconquered all of their territory. Russians were actually INSIDE of Germany’s border when the Allies landed at Normandy. D-Day was primarily an effort to prevent Russia from controlling all of Europe. See the video below to see the battle lines in Europe through WW2:

Myth 2: Winston Churchill Was a Great Man

Winston Churchill had almost nothing to do with the allies winning World War 2. Stalin actually won the war leading the Russians to sacrifice 8.5-11 million military men to kill 4.4-5.3 million German military men. Winston Churchill was actually a mean drunk who started drinking every morning and continued all day long.

Stalin begged Churchill to help by opening a second front for years, and Churchill kept promising he would… but Churchill waited until after the Russians had basically won the war to do so.

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