Why is it easier to comparison shop restaurants then doctors?

You are suffering from chest pains. You go to the ER and are told that you have advanced heart disease and that you need to find a doctor to help you. What do you do next?

There are not many options to help you research and find the best doctor. You can’t see a history of success, there are not great review sites, there is no trusted large brand.

If you are looking for a restaurant (a $10 food purchase perhaps… compare that to $500,000 for heart surgery), you will find highly detailed reviews of prior experiences, public health department reviews of the cleanliness, etc. You will also have major brands like McDonalds which will provide you exactly the same burger every single time anywhere you go and ensure quality control is held to ridiculously high standards.

Your heart surgeon could be a terrible surgeon who kills 10x more patients than the average, but you will never know it. You can’t get any information or statistics comparing doctors. You will have a very hard time comparing hospitals.

Why is this? It is purposefully done by the doctor’s unions and hospital groups. It allows them to protect their profits at your expense.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.