A10 Warthog


I get why people are trying to save the A10.  It is a legendary aircraft that performed well for many years.

I also agree that the new F35 is a ridiculously expensive boondoggle of an aircraft.

But this plan to make a law keeping the A10 is harmful to us. So is trying to launch the idiotic F35. We are just trying to fight yesterday’s wars with ancient technology.

Our next enemy is going to use an armada of drones. Drones are far cheaper, far more maneuverable, far faster, and can carry a much heavier weapons load than any human powered aircraft. The human in a cockpit is obsolete and dangerous to our national security. We need to invest in a drone fleet capable of facing down another drone fleet successfully. Think a million mass produced drone aircraft.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.