Austin Texas General Observations

The last four days spent in Austin Texas have been very interesting and informative. I have learned quote a bit about the city. Here are a few tidbits:

1. People here drink a lot. Half of the city seems to come out to the bars on the weekends and almost everyone I saw as I walked around was drinking.

2. People are extremely friendly and nice. Maybe this relates to item number 1.

3. Austin is a trendy hip city… that tries hard to be a trendy hip city. I like it.

4. Austin is extremely business friendly.

5. Traffic is worse here than in Los Angeles- at least the west side of LA. Drivers have a lot of road rage.

6. Men seem to be three inches taller on average here than in Los Angeles and also quite a bit broader. Makes me feel shrimpy.

7. The cost of living is lower but it seems average wages are similar to Los Angeles leading to a higher general standard of living.

8. Food is much less healthy than Los Angeles but also is delicious. Seattle still probably has better food than both though.

9.  The weather is much more humid than Los Angeles, so even walking around on a 75 degree day gets your pants sticky with sweat.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.