Obama Administration Loses Again

Apparently to make a point about these sequestration cuts, the Obama administration has only two air traffic controllers working right now at Los Angeles International Airport. There are hundreds of flights and tens of thousands of people across America stuck on idling airplanes right now. The Obama administration made a giant mistake by making this a political football.

The Air Traffic Controllers union itself should probably be entirely replaced by computers too. What a waste of money to have so many people doing that job.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “Obama Administration Loses Again”

  1. Hey Joel. I like your blog, but you should look into things a little more sometimes. In this case, Congress, through the budget process, already has decided how much money agencies can receive, so experts say it is against the law for the government to arbitrarily conclude some workers can keep working, even for public safety reasons. Your blame towards the Obama administration is misplaced and naive. The Obama administration presented multiple compromises to avoid the sequester, but the Republican caucus rejected them all. The only body that can “fix” this situation to your liking is the U.S. Congress. The FAA is simply making cuts to ensure that they’re operating within their budget. This isn’t a political football — it’s a math problem.

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