Fantasy Football Playoffs

My fantasy football team is in the semi-finals of the playoffs chasing after the $360 first place prize. In my current match up I am ahead by only 4.1 points and my opponent has a defensive player yet to play on Monday night football. Current score is Emotional Cripples 170.8 to Bye Week 166.7. Defensive players usually score around 7 points… so I need to get lucky here to win it.… read more “Fantasy Football Playoffs”

Great Flag Football Goal Line Plays

The great flag football plays below were drawn up by one of my flag football teammates, Ry Robinson.‚  Below is his email and descriptions of the plays:

Cyclone – this play is designed to provide even spacing between receivers and keep people moving..‚  There should always be a receiver open or about to be open.‚  It will mostly come down to Ole looking for an open space and waiting for a receiver to enter it.
read more “Great Flag Football Goal Line Plays”

Football Parents Fighting

The parents of children playing in a youth football league had a huge brawl on the sidelines. The fighting is vicious and very violent.

Watching this football parents fighting video made me sad. You can hear some kids crying in the background because of the madness that happens. If you watch the video closely, you will see a one fat fighting white dad running around in a boxing pose… he was just trying to hurt people.… read more “Football Parents Fighting”

Fantasy Football Sketchiness

I am playing in a fantasy football league with a bunch of friends from high school. Our commissioner, Bryan Terhune, has never been one much opposed to cheating. We had multiple classes together in junior high and we would work together on algebra 1 tests. When the teacher suspected us and put us on opposite sides of the classroom, we would hold up signs with the answers to each other.… read more “Fantasy Football Sketchiness”

WCFL Proposed Regulations

I’m playing in a fantasy football league with my friend Josh Cochran and he keeps coming up with new rules and regulations, so I decided to come up with a few of my own and send them out to the league. Here they are.

Proposed new league regulations:

1. A) Any GM not paying on time should receive 40 lashes from a “cat o’ nine tails” whip.… read more “WCFL Proposed Regulations”

Updates From WCFL (Fantasy Football League)

Josh: Keepers will remain unchanged this year, b/c teams based their drafts this year off of the current rules.

After playing this year, if we want to change the keeper rules, we can discuss it next year, before the next draft.

Regarding league administration next year:
The champion this year will become the commissioner next year.… read more “Updates From WCFL (Fantasy Football League)”