Football Parents Fighting

The parents of children playing in a youth football league had a huge brawl on the sidelines. The fighting is vicious and very violent.

Watching this football parents fighting video made me sad. You can hear some kids crying in the background because of the madness that happens. If you watch the video closely, you will see a one fat fighting white dad running around in a boxing pose… he was just trying to hurt people. Very trashy, classless people do this in front of children.

I hope that the football parents fighting in this video got some prison time and perhaps their children taken away from them.

Corpus Christi Texas- Another Parents Brawling Video

The parents fighting at a youth football game video below is even more awful, because the COACH is the one who started it. The coach of the PeeWee football team, Robert Watson, had been arguing with the 18 year old ref about a call when the 18 year old ref threw him out of the game. Instead of being a man and going away, Coach Robert Watson assaulted the ref and knocked him unconscious. A parent who was nearby jumped on the coach and the rest of the parents rushed in fighting and brawling. If you watch closely, you will see one woman sneak up behind the pile of fighting football parents and kick someone trying help into the melee. Or you can see the fat disgusting football dad in the red shirt trying to dive in and fight. Where do these people come from? Who in their right mind thinks that you should get so wound up at a kiddie football game that you have to go fight and brawl? Ugh. Makes me sick. Coach Robert Watson should be put in prison for a very long time for knocking out a young ref like that.

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