Updates From WCFL (Fantasy Football League)

Josh: Keepers will remain unchanged this year, b/c teams based their drafts this year off of the current rules.

After playing this year, if we want to change the keeper rules, we can discuss it next year, before the next draft.

Regarding league administration next year:
The champion this year will become the commissioner next year.
The 2nd place guy will keep the records
The 3rd place guy will be the bookie

Reminder: The two Red-Shirts are due to Dan by September 1st! dmcnerney@hotmail.com

If you don’t submit the 2 red-shirts to Dan by Sept 1st, you don’t get them this year.

Joel: Please redshirt Tarvaris Jackson and Chris Henry for me (Emotional Cripple). Also, what happens if I want to play a redshirt guy this season?

Josh: 1. We add keepers, not for this year, but for next year. 1 RB and 2 WR. Thoughts??

2. We change commissioners, bookies and record keepers each year.
League Champion –> becomes commissioner
2nd Place –> becomes bookie
3rd Place –> becomes record keeper

Josh: I’d also like to give a friendly WCFL welcome to Craig, another Seattlelite, who is joining our little group. (soft clapping)

Craig once worked for foxsports (and may still). He’s a renowned fantasy baseball guru. Not sure if he knows much about the pigskin…i guess we’ll find out.

Thank you for coming tonight Craig.


Hey Craig! Welcome aboard, glad you got in!

Prepare to be gutted like a fish.

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