Great Flag Football Goal Line Plays

The great flag football plays below were drawn up by one of my flag football teammates, Ry Robinson.‚  Below is his email and descriptions of the plays:

Cyclone – this play is designed to provide even spacing between receivers and keep people moving..‚  There should always be a receiver open or about to be open.‚  It will mostly come down to Ole looking for an open space and waiting for a receiver to enter it.
Reversal of Fortune – this is a quick rollout to the left with an overload of receivers on that side.‚  The one receiver at the bottom left is a safety valve.‚  If Ole can’t find anyone he can pitch it to the receiver who is sprinting to the right.‚  Then all the receivers should shift and head right.
4th of July – we discussed this last week.‚  Everyone is doing quick button hooks (3 going short and 3 going long).‚ ‚  Receivers will turn the opposite way‚ that‚ their defender is playing them.‚  Make sure you look for the ball quick and go towards the ball.
Space Invader – it just looks like a Space Invader.‚  Anyway, combo of a couple plays we run.‚  The 3 middle guys go really short.‚  The 4th one runs to the back and cuts.‚  The two outside receivers go to the back of the end zone then cut to the front cones.


The two most effective plays in my opinion are the Cyclone (it is constant crossing routes which chops up flag football defenses) and the Space Invader (confuses opposing defenses and usually will be open on the corners).

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