Reform the Patent System says NYTimes, I Say Abolish the Patent System

The New York Times recognizes the severe corruption and abuses that the US patent system inflicts. They say that the US patent system actually inhibits real inventions, allows patent trolls to rob real inventors, and has been corrupted to enrich lawyers. Their solution is to reform it….

But the real problem is the fundamental concept that an idea should be owned by a person or corporation.… read more “Reform the Patent System says NYTimes, I Say Abolish the Patent System”

Dictators and Democracies are Natural Enemies

American foreign policy has tried to work with dictators over the last half century. This is morally repugnant and foolish. Dictators view democracies as impossible to understand and control (new leaders and parties in power every few years). Dictators prefer other dictators as once they have an alliance, they can rely on the other dictator for the rest of their lives.… read more “Dictators and Democracies are Natural Enemies”

Environmentalist Laws Are Shortsighted and Foolish

Many states and the federal government are trying to pass laws mandating the switch from gas to electric cars.

The government wants to take away your right to make decisions. It might sound nice to have electric cars, but the market makes better decisions than the government does.

Massive pollution is generated manufacturing new electric vehicles whereas gas cars are actually far less polluting than they once were.… read more “Environmentalist Laws Are Shortsighted and Foolish”