Theory of Employment

Just thinking out loud…

Think of your five closest friends.

How much time on average do you spend with each monthly? For me, this is probably 4 hours in person and 3 hours on calls each monthly.

How much money do they spend on you and you spend on them in gifts and trips and restaurants each monthly? For me, this is probably $50 each.

Now think of your employer.

How much time do you spend on average a month with your company? 8 hours a day * 22 business days a month = 176 hours

How much money does your employer spend on you a month? The national median pay in the US is $3,000 gross monthly.

Why do we think almost not all about our employer relationships as children and teenagers and often as adults?

Working at a business is like being married. You have to accept most of the values of the business you are at. You have to compromise a lot of what you may want with what the company wants.

Would you pick your spouse based on their wealth? If not, why pick your employer based on this?

I have a hard time understanding why so many thousands of people work for outright evil companies.

John Deere and Apple steal your right to repair and create enormous environmental waste.

Comcast had such a terrible reputation it changed its name to Xfinity.

Wells Fargo is known for man scandals like encouraging employees to open extra accounts for customers without their knowledge to charge fees.

I guess it’s because most of them don’t have a choice? Consumers are choosing to buy from these companies? I don’t think that’s it… Consumers and employees don’t have other options due to regulatory capture.

America has an enormous bureaucracy of red tape that is created by bad businesses lobbying crooked politicians in order to make it harder for good competitors to arise. It is nearly impossible to start a bank due to all the rules, it is impossible to start a phone company or tractor company due to anti-competitive patent laws.

We need a revolution. I think someone said something about freedom being paid for with the blood of patriots and tyrants?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.