I made the mistake of buying a Kubota 3350b tractor. The tractor will throw certain error codes that will lock you completely out of repairing it yourself, and will require a dealer with their proprietary computer to clear it! You can’t even clear it by unplugging the battery. I would strongly recommend not buying a post 2005 Kubota tractor if I was you!

Is Every Life Priceless?

Is every life priceless? Can a dollar figure be placed upon a person? Write down what you think before reading ahead. Then consider again at the end of this article.

If every life is priceless to society, society would mobilize a total war type of effort on diseases, accidents, and other preventable sources of death. Society would shut down all efforts that did not help save lives; there would be no entertainment, sports, movies, luxury products and services, etc.… read more “Is Every Life Priceless?”


Remember – half the battle of being a business owner is questioning everything. What are we doing wrong? What can we improve? Is some of our equipment causing delays or downtime? How do we fix it? Are our guys performing well? Why or why not? Where do we run into problems getting jobs done? How do we get jobs done faster or for less expense?… read more “Questions”