The bit about Will Smith was funny. I appreciate someone willing to stand up for their family, and approve using violence if necessary. But when you go to a comedy show, you are signing up to be mocked by the comedian. Will Smith is my favorite black entertainer, but what he did made him look like a fool.

I think we need hydrocarbons long term. Solar and wind cannot replace them without some magical breakthrough in battery technology. Nuclear is superior but has been under a sustained and highly effective PR attack for decades that has made new nuclear projects nearly impossible to get going. So without a complete revamp of the far too heavy regulations on nuclear, hydrocarbon usage will keep growing.

I agree with you on the risks of major increases in interest rates. The US Fed will likely wait too long on purpose to inflate away the US national debt as the US government cannot service it at higher levels. I am trying to avoid cash like the plague.

My most recent reading has been the technical manual for my 490e excavator haha. I am trying to make repairs to it. I am learning a lot! I think the West is going to see blue collar work in far higher demand as commodities trump stocks for the time being. There is huge shortages of skilled labor. I also am installing my own transformer, meter base, and electrical panels. I may do more work building my own house too. As we speak, I am having a well drilled. See the photo attached.

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